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Gaming in Transit

Many times a week I find myself sitting on the train looking out the window thinking about the next quest to complete in Final Fantasy XIV or what I am crafting in Warframe. But sometimes it would just be good to use this travelling time to crack out a good gaming session.

Source: http://www.hdwallpaper.nu/

There is a few considerations when personallly choosing a game to play on the train. My average trip takes about 45 minutes so I wouldn't want to play something that has large gaps between checkpoints or something that is heavily story based like Final Fantasy X. I don't want to play something that has a dynamic time limit where games can go between 20 and 40 minutes on average but can go easily over that, so that takes out most MOBAs like Smite and League of Legends.


So I am usually left to quick turn based games or mobile games. On the turned based game side we have a lot of card games; Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering and my current favourite Hand of the Gods by Hi-Rez. The game takes place in the same universe as Smite so already has a huge selling point for me. It's a traditional deck building game in the sense of buying / unlocking different cards, constructing decks and taking part in your typical games modes; Vs bots, Casual PvP and Ranked PvP, but what makes this game unique is the style of play. Instead of a typical card game where the location on cards doesn't really matter, Hand of the Gods features a full x and y grid with a fountain for each player.

Cards are played each turn with the aim of dealing damage to the enemy fountain. The cards can contain creatures, gods or items from the Smite Universe. However the summoned beings can move across the map some being ranged attacking from a few blocks away and others being melee. Along with some abilities such as "Increase Range by 1 each turn" the game offers dynamic and complex strategy whilst also delivering something unique from the somewhat flooded appearance of the card genre.

Source: Hi-Rez

I will only mention one game for Mobile, Pocket Morty's. I urge you to download it and try it out yourself to see why it's enjoyable.


Let me know what games you like to play when your travelling, are you a mobile gamer or do you use a DS or Switch, post in the comments below.


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